Services and Rates

Basic Errand Services

  • Grocery shopping brought to you in eco-friendly jute bags - put away available too!
  • Drop off/pick up services - tailors, dry-cleaning, prescriptions
  • Personal shopping, gift & holiday shopping, returns/exchanges/gift wrapping
  • Flowers, gift baskets, balloon, meal deliveries
  • Wait for/let in services - repairmen, technicians, maintenance
  • Drop off car for maintenance or detail service
  • Post-operative care - help with errands and chores
  • Walking partner

Pet Services

  • Feeding, playing, let outside
  • Walking
  • Vet/groomer transport

Special Senior Services

  • Well-being checks, play games, walk and talk with, help making appointments, letter/email writing
  • Help with physically challenging chores, snow shoveling, etc.
  • Nursing home visits, bring flowers/gifts, SMILES 😊 😊

Home Services

  • Organizing and decluttering - help with staging your home to sell!
  • Seasonal Services - Spring/fall clean up, trimming of bushes, weeding, planting and weekly garden maintenance.
  • Move in, move out help - packaging, organizing
  • House sitting - plants watered, lights turned on/off, mail picked up, safety checks
  • ***1 Hour minimum on all home services

Specialty Services

  • Party and Event assistance - set up/clean up, plan for catering, supplies, & extra help needed
  • Holiday/Party/Wedding help - decorating, undecorating, organizing, general help
  • Bridal Assistance for last minute runs/returns, thank you notes, or just an extra set of hands!
  • Landscape/garden design help - planting, bring in mulch, soil, supplies.

If you don't see a service that you need, just ask!


Shopping Services, Errand Services, Pet Services, and Special Senior Services
Billed at $15 a ½ hour and $20 an hour. Services over the ½ hour are billed for a full hour.

Home Services
Billed at a 1 hour minimum at $30 an hour and each subsequent hour is pro-rated to the nearest 15 minutes.

Specialty Services
Specialty services are estimated on an individual basis. As always, a free consultation is offered to discuss and assess your needs.

Monthly Package Options:

Package A: 8 hours of basic services for $150.00

Package B: 8 hours of home services for $190.00

Package C: Combo pack, 8 hours of basic & home services for $180.00

*Rates are subject to change*

Hourly rates begin at the start of service and end at the completion of service. Travel time over 15 miles will incur a .75 a mile surcharge. Any additional supplies, merchandise, or tolls needed to complete a task must be reimbursed by the client upon completion unless prior arrangements have been made with the manager of Errand Gal. After hour rates incur a $5 per hour surcharge. Payment for services are due upon completion, and you may pay by check, cash, paypal, or invoiced through Freshbooks and pay with credit card or bank transfer. A $25 fee will be imposed for any returned check.

Cancellation of service is kindly requested 24 hours in advance so schedules can be adjusted to service other clients. You may call, text or email - 219-707-3717 -